How to find high odds soccer predictions for challenging bets?

It is only a very experienced tipster that can give high odds soccer predictions and these tips never come without guarantee. High odds tips are for high-profit betting like mixed parlay that combines multiple bets into one. In mixed parlay, you have to win every bet in order to become a winner.

Halftime fulltime is another challenging bet that can give you a good amount in return. Combo bet is another game for winning a high amount. An experienced tipper can make total goals predictions and other tips in a hassle-free manner.

Your search for an experienced tipper would start from the web

1. Counting experience on fingers

A tipster with 10-year experience will be more reliable than those with 5-year experience. It is very difficult to determine a limit for experience to choose a tipper. You can start with 3-year experience limit and then move on or you can limit a higher limit like 10-year. You are free to choose your tipper but you should keep the experience of tipster in mind.

2. Relying on information

Determine a limit for experience is a difficult job especially when you have limited knowledge and experience of the game. The best thing you can do is to rely on information provided by others. You can read Google reviews and Facebook comments and share of bettors like you. Experienced punters would tell about the tippers they rely on and also give reasons to rely on those professionals.

3. Strike rate

Every tipster has a winning rate that tells about his success. And a tipper with high strike rate looks more reliable. For example, a person with only 5-year experience but above 90% winning rate will prove to be more reliable than a professional with 10-year experience but winning rate less than 90%. Strike rate tells everything about tippers. But you have to verify the strike rate before relying on it.

4. Inside relations

An experienced tipster would have inside relations with bookies and betting syndicates. If a bookie starts giving tips, his experience of making odds won’t count in tips business but he would use his experience in bookie business for making tips. But he could prove to be more experienced than others. You should consider the inside relations of tipsters while choosing an experienced tipster. To know more about tippers, you can go through their personal profiles.

5. Word of mouth

Your bettor friends can give you tips on tippers. And you can rely on the word from the mount of a close friend. The high odds soccer predictions are serious tips for challenging bets and a tipster has to have comprehensive knowledge and experience to give accurate tips.


It is possible to find an experienced tipster, if you keep the important factors in mind. It isn’t necessary that a person has to work as a tipster to get experience. He needs experience in the game of football. One more thing that is you should avoid fraud mafia tips soccer like fixed-match betting.

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